Instructor, not a Teacher


This Sunday is my Graduation day at Integral Yoga Institute. I don’t feel that I’m ready to teach Yoga yet. Instruct the poses – yes. Be a teacher – no.

I’m going to travel this summer around the country. With a few anchor points to stop at. To learn a whole lot about myself and people I’m going to encounter. As my great Teacher Paz once said to my good friend Elena, “it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the Ashram or in the middle of the busiest city like New York, – because once you realize that all the people are your own projections and mirrors it doesn’t make a difference anymore”. Of course he said that in his own poetic and mysterious manner with a minimum of words… I’m just paraphrasing. 

Just walk, walk, walk, walk, walk…. Learn new skills, offer mine, expand, grow, weave the web, connect, share. 


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