Halloween Oct 31, 2015 Live Painting at the Well, Bushwick

Live Painting

Starting with a base: a piece of plywood and dark ultramarine blue acrylic paint.

Had a great time at Warehouse of Horrors on Oct 31 Halloween night hosted by BangOn!NYC.

Thank you.

I was a part of Tribal Market and enjoyed it a lot!

Starting at 9 pm and noticing flux of people flowing through increasing, the process began.

Thank you all who stopped by to watch, glimpse, contemplate, observe, feel, contribute, laugh, inspire, cheer, express appreciation and joy, gratitude and criticism, opinion and excitement.

Thanks to you, this beauty (seriously 🙂 ) was created.

Photos by the happy owners.

Final Piece Final Piece Final Piece Final Piece Final Piece

The painting was created and gone at the some night. As a part of experience, by the grace of Spirit, a mesmerized and startled (that was real expression on their faces), excited and joyful, that couldn’t leave home without this piece. I appreciate your immediacy and sincerity 🙂 And thank you for your contribution.

Live Painting

Final piece.

Photos by Tribal Market and a happy owner Sisi.



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