Morning July 5 2016 Good Day, America!

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Breathing is neither good nor bad. It just is.
So, is reality. Neither good, not bad. Just is.
I practice vipassana meditation. Well, as much as I can, I stick to the rule of maintaining everyday practice. Ideally, it’s one hour in the morning, one hour in the evening. Personally, sometimes it’s just the morning, sometimes just the evening, sometimes shorter version, sometime s subway version, sometimes skip at all.
Life is meditation. Or could be.
We can be mindful 24 hrs a day. Ideally.

There’s a practice I’ve read in a book by Buddhist nun. Good introductory course for beginners and who wants to get the taste of what her linage is. It’s about facing pain and not running from it, rather relaxing into and letting expansion happen, which opens doors for possibilities to arise. To let go of the stories and get in touch with the basic goodness we all share. To feel our connection with all, in pleasure as well as pain, and relaxing into acknowledgment that we “all in the same boat” collectively. And from there, that relaxation and surrender to reality as it is, miracles happen. By breathing in pain, we accept its presence. By breathing out relaxingly, we take action of connecting to the wisdom within and letting the ethereal inner oneness and love to awaken. After all, we a spiritual beings. This is how healing happens.

So, contemplating all that, I find that for me yet still just to maintain simple vipassana is the best. Because, it’s simple. It takes practice. No imagining, no overthinking, same – accepting pain and pleasure as temporary sensations on the body experienced at the moment and staying equanimous with the experiencing. This way, mind lets go of patterns and gets used to stay open and receptive non-stop.

Reaction is always negative. Action is always positive. Non-action – as long as equanimity is there – opens the space for universe to take charge of things.

So, basically – all this helps to stay focused on your goal in the busy city life. What is your goal? You learn it during meditation. Silently. Gradually. Reconnecting with the truth within. Remembering who you are, what are you, and what are you here for. Your initial desire that brought you to life. To wake up today.

As long as you meditate on that – truth – gently. Lots of crap might come up unexpectedly. But that’s the trick. It’s not real! It’s the memory. Painful or not. That’s why by staying equanimous you let all false to vanish, true to be revealed. And, the truth is never painful. It is pleasant, but altogether whole another level of pleasant other that human mind is accustomed to. Subtle. Pure. Fresh. It just is.

And once you deeply connect with that truth, you no longer settle for less. And the life turns into pure joy. Universe is a loving place. That’s a mindset. Or reality. You choose. What you put effort into? What you invest yourself into? What defines you? Isn’t it your thoughts? Where they come from?

Connect with you breath. It’s a sacred link, a bridge. Between what – discover yourself. It all has been given many names. Still, it’s unnamable. Pure. Names are interpretations. What’s your interpretation? You may connect with it. Observe or interact. Or both at the same time. Because that’s how it really is. Observe and interact. Observe and feel. It will pass eventually. That’s the nature of things: coming and going. What is permanent – is for you to discover.

Judgement is not having an opinion. Judgement is saying “good” or “bad”.
What is your opinion based on?


Notes on the subway from East Village and on a way to and from teaching a morning yoga class in Ridgewood, Queens and to a job search at some vegan cafe West Village, New York.


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