Hollow bone

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2011. I see wolves rushing out of the female’s body, howling… hollow, womb, roots, ambidextrous simultaneous drawing, ink on paper. Drawings

Description of the image by the author in a form of a conversation-dialogue of the inner artist with the inner critics 🙂

{“She’s a witch.” – “She’s just a woman. And she’s just showing something… You know, how it was created?.. She didn’t have anything in mind. It was empty. She just wanted to fill the blank piece of paper with some material… It’s just an emotion. And curiosity to try to do it with both hands simultaneously – that spark, that moved to bring it onto the paper, revealing the emotion… So she took those two pens. And starting from the center of the sheet, from the point at the center, having the eyes fixed at one point, yet relaxed and observing all the rest of the small piece of paper (it’s about time), the limited area of activity (oh, how the limits help sometimes!!!), the hands started to flow on the paper. With their unpredicted rhythm, dynamic, movement… Not thought through at the beginning, yet thought through the process of preparation, unseen to the conscious mind and revealed during the process.

“She looks like a spider.” – “It’s the roots. Like a tree. Like a family tree… ancestry… and all the rest unspeakable… To the core of the Earth, where life begins on this planet Gaia, mother… She’s strong. Arms are spread, ready to fly… Open to receive, open to give, welcoming life, rejoicing in her strength and power…”

“And the wolves?” – “They are just her imagination. It’s just the lines on the paper, seeing and naming them as wolves is archetypal. One’d say it’s that primal force, power, that emotion… Looks like it’s coming straight out of her belly. Or the heart. From the inside. Out.”}

My roommate was reading a book “Women who run with the Wolves”by Clarissa Pinkola-Estess at that time… I read it only some years after.

There’s a story by some sage… It’s about how we see what we want to see… In others, and in us ourselves.


“It’s just an emotion.”


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